Martini Gavotte - Suzuki Book 3

Martini Gavotte

So this month I started Suzuki Book 3. I was really excited!! But honestly I don’t like this first piece very much. :-( I don’t want to be negative but it’s really not my favorite. I struggled with the staccato, clean tone, intonation… I have been practicing Martini Gavotte for 18 days or so and I’m not very motivated to keep practicing it. It’s much better than it was at first but I think there is still a lot of room for improvement. I’ve worked a lot on intonation with this piece. Also I tried to improve my bow distribution and use as much bow as possible.

At first I wasn’t happy with the recording but then I compared with a version I recorded a week ago and it was definitely much better. Intonation is better, the tone less scratchy and I can play it faster. So I guess I should be happy with the level it is at now. Anyway for the second piece of this book I’ll do my best to do things better since I really love that piece. So it’s easier to work hard on it. :-)

Recording of Martini Gavotte

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Martini Gavotte Tutorial

I had been searching a lot to find more info about Martini Gavotte. At this point I feel that some more detailed instruction would be really helpful. I find there are many resources for starters, and then there are many videos also for really advanced players with masterclasses etc. But for the Suzuki Book 3 level I find it harder to find videos that really give me the information I need to play this well! Here I list what I found most useful.

I really liked this tutorial by Allyson. Very detailed and helpful. Learned a lot from it, especially about bow distribution.

Also found this article on with more info about this piece, especially focusing on some measures that can be problematic.

4 thoughts on “Martini Gavotte – Suzuki Book 3

  1. I also have several pieces that I don’t like to play or practice. Sometimes I don’t like the piece from the beginning and sometimes I’m simply bored with playing a piece for too long. Just don’t force yourself to play something you don’t like – you should enjoy your practice time. In June I were supposed to play Tarantella by Levi on recital and I have to force myself to practice this piece. I were playing that piece from April and it wasn’t hard, but simply I couldn’t motivate myself to play. After recital I never played this piece again :wacko: You’re not alone.
    As it comes to Gavotte, it’s well played as for 17 days of practice. The trill is great. Your intonation was really good. I have played two different versions of this piece – Suzuki one and duo version from the other method I used. I had nice time playing this piece, but my friend that played duo with me, wasn’t keen on this piece.

    1. Hi Emma, I remember you talked about the Tarantella, and that you didn’t like it… Until now I’ve liked all pieces I played. Didn’t like this one but didn’t want to skip it either so yes I forced myself to play it. In the end I’m happy I did, because I learned from it too.

  2. You played really well. Also your staccato keeps improving!
    Funny thing is I actually like this piece way more than the 2nd XDD I do like the later part in that one but the beginning not that much. (but as already mentioned I think the 3rd piece is my favourite of this book but I could be wrong.XD Since I haven’t played any of these yet it could easily happen that I change my mind when playing something.

    1. Thanks! It’s great to hear others think I’ve improved while I was really not that happy about the piece. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself… Anyway, yes as for the second piece in the book I also like the later part most, the minor part. I think it’s beautiful.
      Also I’ve played through the third piece and it’s really very nice. Can’t wait to start practicing that one too!

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