Violin Goals August - Suzuki Book 3

Suzuki Book 3

Hi guys, time to set myself some new violin goals! I’ve been working hard in July to complete my goals. I was working a lot to improve my intonation. I think it only has improved a little bit. But after focusing on this, now at least I can hear my mistakes much better. I think that will help me a lot to further improve intonation in the future. Also I did finish Suzuki Book 2 last month (see my recording of the Boccherini Minuet in case you missed it). This month I will get started with Suzuki Book 3! I’m planning on playing the first two pieces this month, which is Gavotte (Martini) and Minuet (Bach). I don’t think these first pieces from Suzuki Book 3 aren’t much harder than the last piece from Suzuki Book 2.

In a couple of days I will post my recording of Elves Dance by Jenkinson which will be for my 14 months progress video. I’m very excited about that piece and hope it will be a good video. :-)

3rd position

Meanwhile I couldn’t wait anymore to learn a new position. So I’m doing a couple of introductory exercises in 3rd position now YAY!!! I’m using the Lauoreux violin method part 2. I only did two pages so far in the book, but I think it’s a good book to learn this position! I don’t know how far I will get this month. But I’m trying not to focus so much anymore on the number of pages I do, and focus more on playing it with good intonation and make it sound good. I actually really like the sound of 3rd position.

I’ve gone through the music of Suzuki Book 3 and there are no fingerings for 3rd position but I’ve seen many use 3rd position in Suzuki Book 3 so I will watch their videos again and try to copy their 3rd position fingerings. If any of you know the measures where to better use 3rd position, please let me know in the comments below. :-)

1 finger scales

In the past weeks I’ve used many of the tips I had received on and now I want to start working on an other tip I had received. They told me I should start doing 1 finger scales. It helps with intonation and shifting. Here is an example. I’m curious for the results. I will let you know in a future post. ;-)


The etude I will be working on this month is Wohlfahrt Opus 45 etude 12. I had practiced the first 11 etudes before, although I didn’t record them all. So I’ll continue with number 12 now. This one has 3 flats and is a good exercise for bowing. Each measure has one accented note and then two slurred notes.

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  1. So many interesting things you are going to practice this month! Good luck with all of that!
    As for Suzuki, I had downloaded book 1-10 so I have all books as pdf. But I recently bought book 1-3 in two different stores… so I have the revised edition for 1 and 3 now and the old one for book 2. (It really bugs me that the size of the book is different.. I might buy the revised book 2 as well just to have matching books..XD
    The revised editions have way more explanation and comparing book 3 to the old one is a huge difference.. For example in no 1 Gavotte there are tons of finger numbers over the notes in the old book. In the revised edition there are way less. In that edition they are also two different sets of fingerings for Gavotte. First and third position, that’s probably why you saw a lot of people playing it like that. What is also nice is that the revised editions have way more explanations in them which is pretty nice.

    I haven’t played from this book yet but I’m trying to find the measures with 3rd position for you (in the numberings of measures the very first measure isn’t counted since it’s an incomplete one):

    Measure 6 first finger d on A string to the first note of measure 8 (a G), the following d is 3rd finger first position again.

    Measure 73 the first note already. the previous open a helps to give you time to shift. something you don’t have in measure 6. It continues to measure 74. The first note in 74 is an a which is still 3rd position, followed by an e which is first position again.

    I’m excited that you are starting to practice 3rd position now~ It’s fun and gives you more range! Always compare the first finger to the previous open string for intonation at first. And the 2nd finger can be compared to the next string since it’s the same note. That really helps to get better~
    Also good luck with those shifts in Gavotte they don’t seem that easy for someone just starting out in 3rd position but I believe you’ll get it~

    I’m planning to practice boccherini and from suzuki book 1 right now. Actually I went to the computer to listen to the recordings while playing but I ended up on this site writing comments instead..XD I should hurry since it’s already 9 pm and 10 pm is my deadline or I will have annoyed neighbors…XD
    Since I’m not practicing regularly I’m still not done with book 1 (and since I’m also trying to memorise them which is a bit difficult when having such huge gaps between practice hahahah).
    But I have listened to some more pieces from other books and I have to say number 3 in book 3 I absolutely love. So I hope you’ll plan to record that one too.XD

    Oh and I just saw that no 2 Minuet has additional trills now which are not on the recording (It even says so in the text below) It also says they are optional.

    Ok now I talked so much about Suzuki so a quick thing about the rest you wrote.
    1 finger scales are an excellent practice for intonation and shifts, as you mentioned, so they are definitely a great thing to do!

    In Wohlfahrt op 45 I’m still at I think it was piece number 8… XD Sometimes I practice 1 and 6-8. Piece 12 looks like a great exercise in bow distribution where you need to use more bow on the first note to have enough bow for the slur. And the flat key is a good practice as well since they are generally harder to play in my opinion and very much neglected in pieces (until much more advanced concertos where they just throw a large amount of flats or sharps at your face XDDD I’m thinking 4 seasons by vivaldi).

    Ok time to practice now~

    1. I hope you had a good practice time. ;-)

      Thanks so much for writing down the measures with shifting for Martini Gavotte (I have the old books). I have been practicing the piece for two weeks without the shifting now and it’s pretty much ready to be recorded. So maybe I won’t use the 3rd position… but I will look up the measures and see if I can do it. I actually don’t really like this piece, just playing it because I want to do the entire Suzuki repertoire. I like the Bach Minuet so much more, especially the second part where it goes to minor key, it’s so beautiful! Next month I’ll be doing number 3, hope I like that one too!!

      Now that you mention it, I haven’t practiced the 1 finger scales much… with the book-a-thon and all I kind of forgot about it. Will start with it again today.

      Yes, Wohlfahrt etude 12 is a good bowing exercise. And I like the etude pretty well, getting used to the flats is a good thing I think. It helps with intonation in pieces without flats too.

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