Wohlfahrt Etude 1 - Practicing Intonation

Practicing intonation

Remember I told you about the feedback I had received on violinist.com? Several people told me that I had to work more on my intonation. And that I have to do that before doing vibrato or starting to shift. So, the past month I have worked hard to improve my intonation. They had suggested I use Wohlfahrt Etude 1 as a great exercise for practicing intonation.

Wohlfahrt Opus 45 Etude 1

It’s been quite some time since I played a Wohlfahrt etude, and especially this etude. I think I tried this one 9 months ago or so. I had played through it for a couple of days and then moved on to the next etude. Of course it didn’t sound any good. :-) Now that I practiced this etude for the second time, I’ve worked at the same time on the C Major scale and arpeggios. This etude and the C Major and A minor scale are really perfect to work on low finger 1 and low finger 2.

While practicing this etude I’ve also tried to have my left hand as still as possible. I do this as follows: first I play 4th finger and try to keep my hand in that position. Then in that same position I play 3rd, 2nd and 1st finger. That way, my hand is more balanced on the 3rd and 4th finger instead of on the 1st finger. Now I don’t have to stretch my 4th finger so hard anymore. So, I think that’s an improvement.

I had heard Heather Broadbent talk about this way of setting up the left hand several times. But it seemed complicated for me to do and I had never tried it until a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m happy I finally tried this because it also really helps for practicing intonation.

2 thoughts on “Wohlfahrt Op 45 #1: Practicing intonation

  1. This sounds really nice!! I think low 2nd finger + a lot of 4th finger is always hard to do and I think this has a lot of it if I remember correctly… I’m also not sure if I can play it at this speed, but I did practice this etude a while ago till it sounded nice. Going to do a quick revisit of this soon and see how fast I can get it without messing up.
    I think your intonation was pretty good in this etude, you are doing great!!

    1. Hehe yes it has a lot of low 2 followed by 4th finger. Thanks! I had practiced this a lot focusing on intonation. It’s slowly getting better. :-)

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