Laoureux violin method

Laoureux violin method

Laoureux violin method sheet musicLast week I found this interesting violin method on imslp. It comes in 5 parts, but I could only find parts 1, 2 and 5. But that’s more than enough to get started. :-) Now, I’ve seen a couple of violin methods for beginners and this one is very different from the others I’ve seen. I think I would have found it boring if I would have started with it from day 1. But now after knowing some basics already, the¬†Laoureux violin method is really complementing very well what I’ve learned so far.

In the foreword of this book, there is a testimonial from Professor Cesar Thomson, saying: “Taken as a whole, this Method advances by very carefully considered gradations, and is, I think, the best adapted for its purpose of all the methods with which I am familiar, and calculated to do most excellent service in the cause of violin-teaching.”

I totally agree with this high recommendation. The other violin methods I’ve used so far start extremely easy but after 10 pages or less the pieces start getting much more difficult and there is not much explanation as to how to play the pieces. I am not criticizing these methods because I’ve learned a lot with them and they are fun. Also I think that when you have a teacher that’s fine because they will tell you the missing information.

For me after playing for a year, I notice that my left hand is doing well, but my right hand needs a lot of work. Luckily I have been doing lots of exercises for better bow control and straight bowing. But further than that, I just move my bow and don’t think much of using more bow or where my bow is supposed to be while playing a phrase. I mostly don’t have an idea of how to do that.

Bowing exercises

The Laoureux violin method starts with some great bowing exercises that help me use more bow. It’s like a workout for my bow arm. It feels great! I like it that the exercises come with a brief explanation of what the purpose is since I don’t have a teacher telling me these details. I love the Legato exercise on page 9 to do string crossings with wrist movement only.

Intonation exercises

Pages 10 to 18 are basically intonation exercises to get to know the intervals. I try to use whole bow in these exercises. The Review of the intervals on page 18 is great. I love how it sounds!!

Legato exercises

Pages 19 to 21 has some legato exercises which at the same time are to help to improve bow distribution.

Now that’s how far I was able to advance in the book in one week. I just wanted to share this because I’m very happy with the results so far. And from what I’ve seen it will help me a lot in the next weeks/months. Other things that appear in the first two parts are:

  • scales
  • chromatic scales
  • gran detache
  • martele
  • staccato
  • dynamics
  • extensions
  • chords and double stops
  • saltato

So I’m sure I will completely study these exercises and I hope to learn a lot from them. :-)

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6 thoughts on “Laoureux violin method

  1. I found part III

    It’s not in English but at least it’s there?XD And also… I checked imslp and got volume 5 as well… It’s also not in English or is there an English version you found? I think the download link you posted is volume 1+2 am I right? I just want to make sure I’m not missing vol 2 XDD

    Part IV is impossible to find…

    1. Hi ChibiEdo, yes the link that I posted is for part I and II. They are in English, only part V is in Italian but I somewhat understand it because I also speak Spanish and it’s a bit similar. I’ve been using part I for a couple of weeks now and it’s great. Also started with part II about shifting!!! So happy that I finally got started with third position. :-) More about that soon!

      I just checked your link for part III. It says book 3 part II. It’s the same as the part II that I already have. :-( So I guess part III and part IV are still missing. :-( But thanks so much for searching. If I would find it, I’ll let you know here.

    1. Hi Charles Lacour, thank you so much for the link! I’m working on book 2 now. So, it’s great to know that part 3 is available too. :-) Have you used this method too? Or do you use a different violin method?

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