Wohlfahrt Easiest Elementary Violin Method

Wohlfahrt Easiest Elementary Violin Method – Number 93

Hello guys, this is the first time I’ve been playing a piece from Wohlfahrt Easiest Elementary Violin Method. It’s actually a pretty nice book. Thanks to ChibiEdo for talking about this method in the forum. :-)

The book Wohlfahrt Easiest Elementary Violin Method starts indeed with very elementary pieces, but it’s a pretty progressive method. I played number 93 here. The book is meant for a student to play together with his/her teacher. Each piece is a duo. The first voice is for the student and the second voice for the teacher. Many times the second voice is much harder than the first voice. For this piece they are both of the same difficulty and that’s why I chose this one, so that I could play both voices.

I liked the beginning and ending of the duo. The melody in the middle was a bit harder and I think my intonation wasn’t that great there. It sounds a bit weird in the recording. Also I tried to find a recording of the duo but couldn’t find any. So I didn’t know what the two voices would sound like together. I think was a bit lost, didn’t know very well which one is the melody and which one is the accompaniment. That’s why it sounds a bit weird in the middle. Anyway, I’m very sure now that I’m not going to do a duo again soon… If I could play together with somebody else, then I would love it. You can look at each other and feel what it should sound like. And that is fun! But playing along with a metronome, and hoping that the two parts will sound nice together is not very successful in my opinion. I much more like to play along with a piano accompaniment for example. So next time that I play a piece from this book, I’ll just be recording the student part. :-)

Anyway, hope you like it at least a little bit. :-)


6 thoughts on “Wohlfahrt Easiest Elementary Violin Method – Duo 93

  1. Great work Mariko! Playing a duo with yourself is very hard. The same is with playing previously recorded accompaniament. In my first year I had gigantic problem to suit previously recorded accompaniament, but when I played with my teacher playing piano playing together were very easy. I am always shocked that almost perfectly on time in your recordings.
    If you won’t know which voice has solo part create mdi file or look at the dynamics. If there are any most of time violin 1 has solo. As it comes to playing together it’s not that easy as it seems – we always have different opinions as it comes to dynamics, tempo or final note. There are many doubts throughout a piece. And if you don’t know a piece by heart it’s hard to control sheet music, partner, pianist and sometimes teacher :D But still it’s much easier to play with backing track than with metronome – maybe try to create mdi file with the other voice (if you can’t, you can ask me to do it).
    I were looking at the Wolfahrt method and it’s very similar to the method that I used at the very begining of my violin journey. It also had second voice written in the staff. I sometimes played both voices, but I never thought about doing colab with myself.
    One more thing to recording – your schratchiness at the begining of the phrase is almost gone. Great work :good:

    1. Thanks Emma! Yes, I’m very happy that the sratchyness is almost gone. It’s much more fun to play now. I feel that I’m playing more relaxed now too!

      I certainly prefer to play with a real pianist or violinist. When I were playing clarinet I played many times together with other and it feels very different from playing with a backing track. It’s true that playing with other people has it’s challenges too! But I loved it very much.

      Now I’m just trying to get used to playing along the backing tracks. I listen a lot to the backing tracks without playing along, just to get to know very well the speed that is used in the backing track and what tempo changes they use or not use. For example, often in the backing tracks there is much less ritenuto then I would do. Anyway, I like it more than doing a recording without the accompaniment.

      Yes, I should maybe create MIDI files. :-) I’ve been listening a lot to the trio and it helps so much indeed to better understand where the solo is and how the dynamics should be. I have a program to create MIDI files but it seems to take forever to do so. Maybe I need more practice. :-) Which program do you use?

  2. You did a great job! Recording a duet is always hard. It usually sounds really off if only one ‘person’ plays a wrong note so intonation needs to be more perfect to sound good. (compared to playing alone. when you play alone an off note still sounds off but in a duet it sounds even worse).
    Overall your intonation was pretty decent. You are improving more and more~ I also liked the beginning and ending part melody wise. Haven’t gotten to that one yet.
    Your staccato has improved a lot. It sounds way less pressured than earlier on!
    Didn’t you say you were practicing a different one?

    1. Thank you :-) Yeah that’s really true. The voices apart sounded pretty good to me. Then I mixed them and it’s as if every intonation mistake sounds much worse. But it’s the best I could do. :-)

      I’m happy to hear that you think my staccato has improved. It feels a bit easier now too. My other piece also has a lot of staccato, so I’m focusing a lot on staccato now.

      Ah I have only practiced this one. If I mentioned a different number before then that must have been a mistake… Besides, I think this number is easier than some of the previous numbers, especially violin 2.

  3. Just random but when I’m better and trying to record a duet really nicely I’ll probably play without the metronome. Recording one part and then listening to that part while playing the other. But since that’s a lot of work I won’t do that anytime soon. It’s more an idea for my long term projects.

    1. I had thought of that too, but then didn’t do it. Because both parts have rests at times and if I play along with that I’m afraid it won’t be exactly in time when both voices play again. But I might give it a try. Anyway, later… Good luck to you if you will do this some day! :-)

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