1 year violin progress - Oskar Rieding Op. 35 Concerto

I’m soooo excited today to share with you my video about my 1 year violin progress!! This first year of learning to play the violin has been great! I’m so happy about everything I’ve learned and I’m very curious about what I’ll be learning in my second year!

Oskar Rieding Opus 35 Concerto in B minor

So to end this year, I have been practicing the 2nd movement of a concerto that I had been practicing before. I played my first concerto about half a year ago. It was the Concerto in B minor Opus 35 by Oskar Rieding. I had played the first and third movement. But the second movement was too hard at the time. It has several accidentals and low finger 1 and 2 but what’s most challenging is the fact that it is slow. When we play slow it’s so much easier to hear all the mistakes, bow bounces etc. To have the intonation correct for this piece is really hard. At least for me it was a real challenge. I’ve worked hard to have a correct intonation for this piece but it still is off sometimes as you’ll hear in the recording. Also this piece needs vibrato which I couldn’t do yet a couple of months ago. I wanted to do vibrato on all notes but it was to hard still so, I’ve tried to add vibrato only for the long notes.

I’m really glad I’ve played all movements of the concerto this year, so here is my recording of the 2nd movement. By the way this is also the first time that I’ve completely memorized a piece. In the recording I’m not using the sheet music YAY!! It’s a great feeling!

Hope you enjoy!!

My 1 year violin progress video

I think this is one of the easiest violin concertos to start with, and completely in first position. It’s perfect for a beginner. If you feel like trying this concerto too, here are the links for the sheet music:

For the piano accompaniment, it’s the first time I’ve actually used a real piano accompaniment. My other recordings with piano were from midi files but this is real piano and I could feel it. It’s really more beautiful. Here is were I found the accompaniment on the YouTube channel Pianoescort. They have accompaniment for all three movements and lots of other pieces. I share this here because maybe this can be useful for somebody else too! :-)

8 thoughts on “1 year violin progress – Oskar Rieding Op 35

  1. You made so much progress in this one year, I’m so impressed!
    Congratulations on playing your first piece without sheet music~ I bet it feels very good :D
    You are doing well with the vibrato so far~~ Keep going!

    Also random but I’m guessing you also got the 80% off thing for the 52 exercises book and new site…XD Since I saw your review in an e-mail newsletter by heather. I LOVE the tips and checkboxes! So helpful. I’ve decided to start at the very beginning with the exercises and I’m at the first 2 right now.
    I am able to read notes but I want to improve my ‘recognition’ speed, not based on note reading since that usually works fast by now, more on which note each finger on each string is in first position. up and down. and seeing if i can still say the notes when i speed up. it’s hardXDDD Going to see how it goes tomorrow and then I’ll switch to other exercises~ The hovering exercise is semi-hard for me. I have a feeling that people with smaller hands HAVE to tilt their hand more away from the fingerboard to be able to reach the 4th finger. When I’m nearly parallel to the neck that just doesn’t seem to work. I am trying to not move the fingers too much away from the strings but there is no way I’m going to hover over the exact spot without putting too much strain on my hand. So I’m trying to find a balance between how relaxed vs how accurate the hovering should be. I’m probably not going to dwell on this exercise that long. I think my hand shape is somewhat decent.xD At least I hope so…xD And at least it feels good and to me that’s most important.

    1. Hello ChibiEdo! Thank you, yes it feels great to play a piece by heart. I thought it was going to be very hard to memorize a piece but actually when I really started focusing on memorizing it wasn’t that hard. It felt as if had much greater freedom and I could focus better on vibrato, or look at my fingers, my bow etc.

      I memorized the piece because it seems to be part of playing violin. Everybody seems to memorize piece, even extremely long pieces consisting of several movements. So, I thought I better get started with it too LOL.

      Anyways, yes I have the new exercises book from Heather Broadbent too! I love it even more now, that there are study sheets. I had started in January with exercise one and I’m now at exercises 12 and 13. I take two weeks or so per exercise. I’m sure we’ll learn a lot with these exercises.

      I can’t hover over the exact spot either, but I hover, I guess that’s what’s most important. did you try to keep 4th finger down on one string and then play the other fingers on a different string? I find that really hard to do but it does help.

      Good luck to you with all your violin practice!!

      1. I should go back to practicing my suzuki songs but since I’m practicing for the performance on july 8th I don’t have much leftover time. Getting a bit bored because of playing the same songs over and over but there isn’t much time left. And after that I can go back to learn new things~

        I also had started Heather’s exercises as soon as I bought them, starting from the ‘beginning’. But the sequence of the exercises was different in the beginning than it is now. I don’t remember when she sorted the order into a progressive order but I think it wasn’t THAT long ago. Since then the exercise numbers are different than from the start. I also sometimes picked random exercises that I wanted to try.

        But now I’m doing them in order because I can check them and record my progress which I love to do XDD

        Concerning the hovering exercise where you keep the 4th finger down. I can do it, but only when my fingernails are super short. I think the shorter your fingers are the more extremely short your fingernails must be. With a short pinky you have to really curl your hand (moving the whole arm up) to be able to reach the 4th finger without touching the other string. That causes you to stand directly on your fingernail. It’s still not easy because the non pinky fingers feel really cramped. I also think this part of the exercise is a really helpful one to get a nice hand frame and I think I’m doing fine with that.
        I think it helps me that I often practice all kinds of double stops so I have already practiced to have the 4th finger only touch one string, which was really hard at first.

        1. Hope you’ll do great on the 8th if July and that you will enjoy the performance!!

          Indeed the exercises were put in progressive order a couple months ago and since then I started over and did the exercises in the correct order. It’s very helpful and since I take a couple weeks for each exercise I don’t have to do the difficult ones yet. :-) I’m now doing the grace notes exercise. Like it very much!

          I wish you good luck with your pinky finger. You definitely seem to suffer more from it than I. Your hands must be really small…

          Oh I just thought of your lessons. I think they’re almost ending? Or do you have classes in the Summer too? Don’t know about holiday system for violin classes in Germany.

        2. Hi Chibiedo,
          It’s your first performance on 8th July? I were really stressed before my first one. I were playing Humoresque (from Suzuki book 3), Vivaldi Concerto and duo for about 2 months straight and I were really bored with them after playing them for so long. After the show I haven’t played Humoresque for more than 4 months :D
          Right now I feel exactly the same – I am playing double concerto from the end of March and two pieces from mid April. I will be playing them on the two recitals at the end of June. Fortunately I were given an etude last Wednesday, so I have something different to play. On the other hand I will be playing one piece that I really don’t like and I were just said that I need to memorise it. I thought that I won’t be playing this piece of the concerto, so I haven’t focused so much on it. I have a lot of work to do.
          I need to say that I didn’t realize that so much people have such problems with their 4th fingers – at Friday my duo friend said me that I’ve got easier with extending my fingers in one naughty place in a concerto that we play unisono – there is a shift from low 3rd finger in 3rd position to low 1st finger 1st position followed by 4th finger extension to a place where 3rd finger were before shift (high 4). I had problems there only at the begining, but for people with smaller hands than mine it’s really hard. I am always shocked how huge extensions is my teacher making – she’s much smaller than me and her hands are either much smaller, but she’s able to catch much bigger intervals than me. I hope that your hand will sterach :)

          1. Hi Emma,
            yes it’s my first performance. But at least I try to play in front of people whenever I get the chance… So that hopefully helps a bit already. But I’m still going to be super nervous. At least during the last few days I decided that the pieces I’m practicing are somewhat good enough to be performed now. So I’m a bit less nervous than before when I wasn’t sure I could play them in a satisfactory way. There is still lots to improve though I’m going to keep working hard.
            My 4th finger is 4.8-4.9 cm measured from the inside so there is a lot of stuff which I’m practicing that puts a LOT of strain on my arm (since i have to bend it much more… Hmm that might also be a reason why I’m struggling so hard with vibrato, because I need both the wiggle motion and the further bend so arm vibrato probably uses up a lot of stamina.. but it’ll eventually work out if i keep at it).
            So be happy that you have normally sized fingers.XD I think I can stretch them quite far already but there is just this anatomical limit that can’t be overcome no matter what. And that always makes me sad… because I know there are things I will never be able to do. But I’m going to do my best with the stuff I CAN do.

            Good luck with your concertos, I bet they’ll sound great!

  2. Hi Mariko :)
    You have been playing for one year! Congratulations – you achieved so much! It’s great feeling that few months ago, you couldn’t play something and now you can! This concerto were played really well.
    I very like your approach to playing violin – it’s very methodical. Thanks to this your technique is highly advanced as for playing for one year. Moreover you played the piece from the memory for the first time – it’s great achievement.
    One more thing – you were complaining for the scratchy bow for the long time – it got much better. One moment when this occurs now is when you put a bow on a string, when starting a phrase.
    I remember my 1 year with the violin. That day I were given by my teacher a Vivaldi concerto (arranged in 1st position) and it was first concerto I worked on with my teacher. What’s funny it was the day when she asked me to play with MikoĊ‚aj a duo. It was a great 1 year anniversary :D
    I see that you are writing so much about Heather’s exercises. Actually, I haven’t done any of her exercises, but when I look at her website it looks like it’s supposed to be a good material. She’s actually one of best teachers that I’ve seen on youtube together with Todd Ehle (ProferorV), ViolinLab and Lora Staples.
    I wish you great 2nd year :D

    1. Thank you Emma!! Yes, it’s nice to see that I couldn’t play this piece a couple of months ago and now I can. :-) The scratchy bow is better indeed. I’m working now to play my next pieces without scratchy bow at all, hope I manage. I really have a fun repertoire to practice this month. :-) In some way, I’m glad that I don’t have performances and all. Now I can just work on a piece as long or as short a time as I want. When I get bored with a piece I just move on… But well, doing a performance is nice too…

      So cool that you still remember exactly what happened on the day you were playing for 1 year! :-)

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