Pracht Op 15 Etude 24 - Practicing Staccato

Robert Pracht Etude 24 – Practicing Staccato

Hello everybody! Here is finally my recording of this etude. :-) I’ve been practicing staccato with this etude for two months and it’s still not great. But I’m so tired of this etude that I’ve recorded it and now I don’t want to see it anymore for a long time… I’ve been practicing this so much that even my husband starts humming the etude at any time LOL. This etude is all about staccato and it seems that for me staccato is a real struggle. I can’t seem to produce a clean sound when I do staccato. It seems to work when I just play open strings but as soon as I start adding fingers, my staccato is a mess. I guess my left and right hand are not so well coordinated.

It seems I’ll need much more time to develop a clean and fast staccato.

The etude itself is not so difficult. It’s in A minor and I had no real difficulties with the notes or the rhythm. It’s just the staccato that was hard, especially because it’s alternated with non staccato notes.

While doing research about staccato I found these interesting articles:

  • article on about the difference between staccato and martele
  • this article on about different ways to achieve staccato

Here is also a great video I’ve found from Violinmasterclass. It’s about up bow staccato but I guess it applies to all staccato. He explains three ways to achieve a beautiful and fast staccato. I’ll try them and see what works best. At the end of the video he says something funny. Well, at first it made me laugh but it is actually encouraging: “Three minutes of patience staccato practice for about two years will enable anyone to develop a nice staccato.” Well, I hope it will take me less than two years to get a nice staccato but if not, I’ll know I just have to keep practicing staccato patiently.

Anybody wants to share his/her experiences with staccato?

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