Violin Goals for June 2016

My violin goals for June 2016

I’ve been playing for one year now!! I’ll soon be recording my one year progress video, so stay tuned… So excited! I’m curious about all the stuff I’m going to learn in my second year! I really want to get started with shifting and wanted to do that this month. But I’m going to wait one more month with that because I want to give myself a little bit more time to work on my intonation and fourth finger in first position.

So first of all I’ll be focusing on these technical aspects:

  • Fourth Finger Fitness exercises by Heather Broadbent: I’ve been studying the entire book before although I didn’t manage to do one or two exercises because my hands seem to be too small. I’m going to start over and make my fourth finger even stronger and more consistent.
  • Elementary Scales and Arpeggios by F. Ferrari: I’ll be mainly focusing on the arpeggios this month. This is going to be great because I think arpeggios are beautiful. They also sound very beautiful when done with vibrato. So that will be an extra challenge!
  • 52 Violin Proficiency Exercises by Heather Broadbent: I’ll be be practicing exercises 12, 13 and 14 this month. These are about double downs, double ups and grace notes.
  • Hans Sitt Opus 32: I’ll be practicing etude 10 and will especially focus on the flexible wrist movement for the bow hand.

As for fun pieces I will play this month:

  • Wohlfahrt Easiest Elementary Method: I want to try exercise 93. It’s actually a duet and I’m planning on learning the two parts and then recording it as a duet!
  • Also I want to do a cover of the song “Hills are Alive” from the Sound of Music. I just love that movie and all the songs. So, I’m going to give this a try and see if I can make a cover. So exciting!!!!
  • Donkey Doodle from the book Solos for Young Violinists. I just found out about this book last month. The pieces in this book are the same level as Suzuki Book 2 and 3 and they seem like real fun! So for this month I’ve chosen the piece Donkey Doodle which is pretty fast. I’m curious how I will do… :-)

Here is a video of how to play Donkey Doodle, gives an idea already of how much fun this piece is. Let’s see how fast I can get this one!!

What are your goals for this month?

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