Robert Pracht Etude 15 - Wrist Movement

I’m happy to finally share my recording of Robert Pracht Etude 15. I’ve been practicing this etude for 7 weeks. I haven’t spend a lot of time on it each day, but at least I’ve tried to play it during 5 minutes per day. I focused especially on the wrist movement. I didn’t know anything was wrong with my wrist until I tried to play some fast fiddle songs. It didn’t work out great and I wondered why. Several people told me it was because my right wrist is very stiff!! :-( So, with this etude I was hoping to improve that. I had watched some videos with exercises for the correct wrist movement and tried to do the exercises as good as possible.

The etude itself is really not that hard. It’s in G Major and the rhythm couldn’t be easier. Just all 16th notes. The string crossing are sometimes a bit difficult because of the speed. But to get a clean tone while playing this fast is the hardest part for me.

Problems with wrist movement

So after watching my recording, I realized it wasn’t as good as I thought… :-( My wrist does look very stiff still although it’s better than before. But I still have a lot of work to do. I searched for some more exercises to get a loose wrist and these are two great videos I’ve found. I’ll be doing these from now on, whenever possible, and mostly while watching TV. :-)

Exercises to improve the wrist movement

The first video is about one exercise to actually loosen the fingers on the bow hand which automatically should also loosen the wrist. I’m curious about the results…

The second video is the one I like most. It seems very complete. Looks like a complete workout to get the wrist movement right! I’m very excited about these exercises and I’ll start doing them today. Hoping it will help me soon!! :-)

Hopefully this is also helpful for some of you guys who read this and might be struggling with the same issues. If you know of any other good tips to improve this, please share in the comments. :-)

2 thoughts on “Pracht Op 15 #15: Wrist movement

  1. Ok, I just watched you zip through this excersise and I thought to myself, I will never be able to go that fast. But……I am going to try this. I will have to learn it by ear, then see what happens. I was playing my version of Secret Garden ( I start it on low G) and realized its that half step thing you have been talking about. It’s one of the songs I play everyday, along with Shindlers List, and Sad Violin, Margarets Waltz, and Lovers Waltz.

    1. Glad you liked it! I couldn’t play it this fast at first either but after practicing many times, I managed. Still it wasn’t very clean and from the comments I’ve received on YouTube it seems I’m not doing the wrist movement the right way. So I’m now working hard to correct that. Once I do it right, it’s supposed to be easier to play fast and clean! I’m curious for the results. I just think I’m working on too many things at once. I’m working on this wrist movement, martele, staccato, vibrato, etudes, the Kuchler Concerto,… but it’s OK. I’m really enjoying it. :-) Have fun with your songs too! And good luck with this exercise ;-)

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