Practicing Staccato - Robert Pracht Etude 45

Robert Pracht Etude 45: staccato

This violin etude by Robert Pracht is still pretty hard for me. I thought the four sharps would be hard. This etude is in E Major and it was my first etude with four sharps. But that wasn’t so hard at all. Honestly, the hardest part for me here is playing the staccato. The staccato is especially difficult for me because it’s alternated with regular notes. I find it sounds pretty scratchy. I also tried playing the consecutive staccato notes in up bow. It does sound a little bit better because there are not so many bow direction changes, but I do want to be able to play the staccato well with the bow direction changes too. So, if anybody has some suggestions as to how to improve this, I would be glad to hear about it. :-)

So, without any further words, let me share my recording:

You see I really love violin etudes. I try to practice at least three different etudes per month so I can really focus on one technique or scale. If you like etudes too, be sure to comment. Would love to know which etudes you are playing and why you like them. :-)

7 thoughts on “Beginner violin etudes: Pracht Op 15 #45

  1. You’re doing well~ I just noticed 2 days ago that I can’t do staccato nicely either when I played the twinkle twinkle variations from suzuki 1 which use a lot of staccato. (I started on suzuki as well, because I thought it would be fun and there seem to be some REALLY nice pieces in there so I’m excited. Going to write a post about Suzuki soonish).

    In some places you managed to get a nice sound! I think you just have to get used to how you use the bow pressure and that will happen over time I think. What tip I can give you though is that you need to release the bow weight on the loong notes. It sounds like you do aprupt changes there too because you are still in staccato mode probably. Try to play this piece super slowly and pay attention to each note on their own. When you practice slowly you get used to it and your mind doesn’t have to struggle with keeping up how to change the bow movement…as is the problem with faster speeds. you need processing time!

    Ah so many etudes! I’m tempted to get Pracht too but I think I have a lot of etude books already…XD
    Not actively working on a specific etude right now, it’s more random what I choose. But I am planning to practice the twinkle twinkle variations a bit more focusing on the staccato. The pieces itself are simple to play I can almost count them as an etude actually XD

    1. Yeah, I liked your comment about me being in staccato mode :-) :-) That’s so true!! I find it very hard to relax or release the pressure on the long notes. I’ll practice this slower and see what happens.

      Good luck with Suzuki!! I did a few videos of Suzuki pieces before, I guess from when I was playing 3 or 4 months. Didn’t sound very great but it was fun! I was planning on practicing them all again and see if it goes better now but then I am so tempted to play new stuff… But indeed the Suzuki books have really great and fun pieces. I finished the first two books. And I am planning on starting with book 3 soon. Maybe in a month or so, because I have other things to work on first…


    What happened?

    I wanted to add something…XD
    I think you did really well on the intonation of this piece! Great job!

      1. No, I still can’t see the edit button, not sure if it’s different in the forums but in the violin diary part there is none. Did you accidently change something? Maybe only the admin can edit right now and that’s why you see it?

        1. Indeed, there is only an edit button for the admin. It works different from the forum. But I’ve added an option to edit a comment during 10 minutes. Just to be able to make minor changes ;-)

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