Cripple Creek - Traditional American Fiddle Song

Cripple Creek is an Appalachian folk song. It is played on the fiddle but also on the banjo. No one knows exactly when it was composed, but there are some theories. A cripple creek is a meandering or a crooked stream. And it could refer to Cripple Creek, Virginia. Or it could refer to the Cripple Creek, Colorado, labor troubles during the gold rush. It was frequently recorded by early country musicians in the 1920s.

These are the lyrics from 1909 for this tune:

Goin’ to Cripple Creek, goin’ ter Rome (roam),
Goin’ ter Cripple Creek, goin’ back home.
See them women layin’ in the shade,
Waitin’ fer the money them men have made.
Roll my breeches ter my knees
En wade ol’ Cripple Creek when I please.

My recording of this fiddle tune

This song was actually pretty simple, at least this version. :-) This was the first fiddle tune from the Beginner Fiddle Collection that I could play at the suggested speed without having to practice it very much. It’s fun to play although you can’t tell by my face. I really do look very serious in the recording… Will try to be a little more relaxed next time. Playing the violin makes me very happy but it’s just so hard to look happy while I play because I have to be so focused. Anyway, most professional violinists also look very serious, some even painful, when they play so I guess it’s pretty normal LOL.


4 thoughts on “Cripple Creek

  1. Hi Mariko!
    I’ve just finish my practice and I’ve enterd your page. You did great with your fiddle tune. :good: I really enjoyed listening to it (I wish it could be longer :D as it only has 51 seconds). Your face doesn’t look strange like mine while I play (my mum always laughs becouse its so strange). Your synchronisation with accompaniament is quite good (playing with not real people is very hard for me).
    Your fiddle tunes are wonderful. I havent play many fiddle tunes – I have concentrated mainly on classical pieces. I hope to play some mazurkas (polish dances in little fiddle style) in next months, but I’m not sure if i could mannage my time. My teacher will be giving me some new repertoire tommorow. Can’t wait till that moment :P I were today playing through Vivaldi violin concerto in G major op. 3 no. 3 (this one - ) and I’ve really enjoyed playing it. I hope I will be able to polish it to a performance level. I have few types what my teacher could give me, but anyway I really can’t wait playing new repertoire for the first time.

    1. Thanks so much Emma! I’m glad you liked this fiddle song. :-) The faces of violinists are strange indeed. I read an article about it last week. Don’t remember where, but it said that the extra energy we would need to put a smile on our face is probably not worth it. If that extra energy and concentration causes us to not 100% focus on the music we play, better not do it. In the end, the music we produce is more important than the face. It’s just that I really don’t like watching my face in the videos, but anyways… I’ll keep recording. ;-)
      Thanks for the link to the Vivaldi concerto. It sounds great! Is that THE Vivaldi Concerto everybody is talking about on violin websites?

  2. I really enjoy looking at violinists faces as they play. They show how much effort they put into music. One father of girls from our school were recording all pieces played by us. I have found that on their Komarowski recording when I played something wrong I looked upwards immidiatelly :P
    As it comes to Vivaldi, I would rather said that more popular is Vivaldi in a minor (also in suzuki 4), but not this one that I’m going to play (I’ll be playing Vivaldi conxerto for two violins in a minor). It sounds like this
    The one concerto in G major is not as popular as it. As it comes to difficulty its at simmilar level. However the double concerto by Vivaldi is slightly harder. It covers all poaitions up to fourth and the shifting is quitw often. Moreover it has quite hard extensions (first finger low +high 4th finger) played quite often.
    I really like baroque repertoire as it is not extreamly hard and requires to understand characteristical style of piece, but I prefer romantic pieces.

    1. Thanks for sending that link!! So that is the popular Vivaldi Violin Concerto!! Indeed I had heard it before… I think I should move on with Suzuki then. I didn’t even start book 3 yet. Guess I should start with that next month. And then some day I’ll be playing the Vivaldi Concerto from book 4. :-) :-)

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