Hans Sitt Violin Etude 4

Hans Sitt Opus 32

Hans Sitt Violin Etudes Opus 32Today I present you my first etude from Hans Sitt. He wrote 100 studies that come in five books. For now I’m only focusing on the first book of course. And in February I’ve been practicing etude 4 which is in Bb Major. I chose this etude because I was also practicing this scale. After playing the etude for the first time I was impressed with its beauty. I really enjoyed practicing the etude very much. And I think it could easily be called a violin solo piece instead of an etude because the melody is really beautiful.

Large part of the etude is almost like playing the scale, it goes up and down. But then in the middle there is part with staccato which I found really hard. The notes weren’t that easy and playing staccato is not something I’ve done a lot so far. It does make the piece interesting and I hope you like my staccato. :-) I would have wanted to add more vibrato. I wanted to add vibrato to all dotted quarter notes, but it’s to hard still. My hand gets tired too fast and I would have to practice it much more. So for now, without vibrato.

Since I loved this violin etude so much, I chose to use this one for my violin progress video for 9 months. It gives a good idea of what I’ve learned so far because this etude has all this: slurs, staccato, whole bow use, vibrato, 2 flats, low 1, low 2, low 4, intonation challenge, dynamics,…

My recording of Etude 4 by Hans Sitt

Sheet music for Opus 32 can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Hans Sitt Opus 32 Etude 4

  1. This is really good already! The intonation is pretty good as far as I can tell and your slurs are nice and smooth.
    Sometimes I hear a bit of scratchiness when you change the bow direction which probably comes from too much pressure but I think things like that will get better over time. Opposite to that there were some really beautiful direction changes as well!
    Great job!

    Now you also made me curious about that series of books but I have so much already so..not now.XDDD But especially the mentioning of double stops always gets my attention…XD

    1. Thanks ChibiEdo :-) I’m glad you liked it. Yeah, there was especially one place where the bow change was really scratchy. I wanted to do a crescendo on that bow change, and the result was scratchiness… That’s why it’s still hard for me to do dynamics. Whenever I try to add dynamics, the tone quality gets worse… will have to practice hard on that. Speaking of the double stops, I’m practicing them every day now, hope to be better at it soon. I’ve just printed out the first etude of Hans Sitt book 5 about double stops. This etude seems to be completely in first position, so should be doable.

      I have a membership on the website virtualsheetmusic.com. That’s why I can just download this book and see if I like it or not without paying anything. I have already downloaded many many concertos, etudes, fiddle songs etc that were included in the membership. I have lots and lots of sheet music now too. I don’t know if I will ever be able to play it all but it’s fun to know that it’s all available whenever I feel like trying something else.

        1. Hi Vernul, yes I’m using a carbon fiber bow. I’ve used a wooden bow for only three weeks, then I switched to carbon fiber bow. It was a bit easier with this bow to get a nicer sound, it seems to be less scratchy than my wooden bow. The wooden bow I used was about $50, the carbon fiber bow about $100. So it’s supposed to be better. I read that below $400 or so, carbon fiber bow tends to be better than a similar prized wooden bow. I’m very happy with it so far, but can’t compare much with other bows. I wrote a post about my bow some time ago. Here it is: https://www.violinadventures.com/2015/07/13/carbon-fiber-bow/

  2. My teacher planning to buy for me a carbon fibre bow also!

    I saw you using a tool to bow straight! Is it really helpful? Would you recommend me to buy that?

    1. When you are planning changing a bow, the most important thing to look at is whenever your bow is straight. When it’s not just don’t buy it – will get worse with time. I have struggled with crocked bow for about 1.5 year and I didn’t know why my right hand is much worse than left one. I had problems with using whole bow, tilting it to fingerboard too much and hitting strings with the wood. In martele I didn’t have any control on the direction of the bow – it were flying from fingerboard to bridge and with huge amount of practice there were almost no improvement. After changing my bow in January this year (it was a Christmas gift) these problems vaporized after several months. It’s still not perfect, but I don’t have a problems with controlling a soundpoint anymore. Now I’ve learned to use my whole bow, not only top or bottom part. Now, when I try to play using my old bow, I can’t play with it – it’s just flying everywhere.
      I wish I could have a straight bow from very first day. I didn’t realize I have so much harder, because of it.

    2. I used the bow right tool for a couple of weeks. I found it very useful then because I had real issues with bowing straight. Now I just start every day with playing open strings. Meanwhile I look in the mirror to see if my bow goes straight. And I try to focus on how my arm and wrist moves to keep the bow straight.

      Let us know how you feel about your carbon fiber bow when you have it. :-)

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