All the Rage - Beginner Fiddle Song

All the Rage is a fiddle tune composed by Larry Unger. He has written more than 600 fiddle tunes and waltzes. Larry Unger mainly plays guitar and teaches guitar and oldtime banjo. He plays at many occasions in the United States, Canada, France, Scotland, Denmark and Sweden. Together with Eden MacAdam-Somer he has formed the band Notorious. If you want to get to know Larry Unger and his band Notorious better, you can watch this video of them performing “The Road to Damascus”.

All the Rage fiddle song

The sheet music includes this note from Larry Unger: “for fiddler Ruthie Dornfeld who told me that jigs in E are all the rage”. I do like this song in E but it wasn’t that easy to learn because of the speed and slurs. Playing fast was hard enough already. But there are also often two 8th notes that have to be slurred. The change in rhythm made the bowing harder, especially when playing faster. And then there is the D# on the A string which I seem to play wrong all the time… But then of course, that’s the challenge and I really didn’t want to give up on this one! In fact it’s much more fun to practice a song that is actually a bit too hard than playing a super easy song. Challenging yourself makes you progress and I certainly did learn a lot while practicing this fiddle tune.

My recording of All the Rage

This was the sixth beginner fiddle song I’ve learned so far. I’ve practiced it so many times that I just can’t get the tune out of my mind… it sometimes drives me crazy. Even my husband is humming this song anywhere we go because of hearing me practice it all the time, imagine that. :-) Anyway, I’ll soon be uploading more beginner fiddle tunes. My goal is to learn each and every tune that’s in this Beginner Fiddle Collection. I really love this collection of 25 fiddle tunes. They are fun and all come with piano accompaniment to play along! And I’ve already chosen three more to practice in March… but more about that in my upcoming post! ;-)

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  1. I love this site and hope to contribute when I get a camera. I tried recording with this iPad but it was too big to send or open. I’m a beginner but I took a leap and learned Shindlers List from Fiddlerman on you tube. Wow it was hard. My grand daughter is really impressed that I can play it, even though it isn’t realllllllly good yet. I learned swallowtail today. Fun song. Would like to learn double stops to put in it but I don’t have a clue yet how to do it or where to put them. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks again, Mickey

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