Violin Exercises by Heather Broadbent

For a couple of months now I’ve been following violin teacher Heather Broadbent on YouTube. She has some great videos on her channel BUT her best videos are not public. Her courses with excellent videos are paid, but I think they are well worth the price. In this post I wanted to share what I’ve learned from her courses and violin exercises.

Weekly Violin Exercises

52 violin proficiency exercisesThis is a program with 52 violin proficiency exercises, one for each week of the year. I had to pay once and now I have lifelong access to the exercises so I can repeat them each year. I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do, because these exercises will stay useful even when I manage to get to an advanced level. :-) There are all kinds of exercises: string crossings, shifting, nachslags, trills, intonation exercises, rhythm exercises, … Each exercise comes with a video and sheet music to practice. The past two weeks I’ve been practicing the string crossings exercise, and I will keep doing it until I can do it really fast. :-)

Before I say anymore, here is my recording of the violin exercises. In the video I’m practicing:

  1. Weekly Violin Exercises: string crossings
  2. Fourth Finger Fitness: 2 and 4 augmented fourth extension
  3. Etude in A by Heather Broadbent

Fourth Finger Fitness

Fourth Finger FitnessI very much love her book with exercises to improve the strength and intonation of the fourth finger. It’s 99 pages filled with exercises for the pinky finger. At first I could only dedicate one minute to these exercises and my fourth finger would feel like glowing, exactly like when you go to the gym. Now I can focus on the exercises for 10 minutes or more and my pinky can still do it. I think it became much stronger, I can even do a vibrato on my pinky finger now.

These exercises mainly focus on the relation between the fourth finger and the other fingers so that you improve intonation.

Other books with great violin exercises

Beginner Violin Scales

– 44 pages to learn 4 important beginner scales
– a structured way to practice scales
– improves intonation

Scales for Suzuki Book 1

– 70 pages to learn 4 beginner scales
– facilitate reading of notes
– scales designed especially to help to play the songs in Suzuki Book 1


– set up the left hand correctly
– improves intonation for each finger on any string
– excellent for beginners

Music Literacy: how to read music and more– how to read music
– improve sight reading
– 32 training videos

2 thoughts on “Violin Exercises by Heather Broadbent

  1. Finally got around to comment on this as well. I kept wanting to do that and now it has been more than two weeksXD

    About the string crossings:
    You are doing great! A bit too much pressure in the beginning (causing a bit of a harsher scratchier sound) I think but it got progressively better till the end of the string crossing practice you showed!

    4th finger exercise:
    Very good! The extension ones are so hard, especially on the G string. You did a great job and your intonation was good as far as I can tell. I love the 4th finger exercises they are so helpful. They definitely helped me a lot.

    Etude in A:
    Also very good! You are making amazing progress. I also like that you are bowing pretty straight, I should really work on that harder again but since I’m really focusing on vibrato now and the things I get from my teacher I don’t have much left over time to work on other things. Compared to my older videos it did get better already though.

    1. Thanks ChibiEdo for your comment! I’m happy I did that string crossing exercise. I’m now working on other Weekly Exercises but I still repeat the string crossing exercise, I became to really like it. Now I take it as a challenge fro myself to play them as fast as I can and still have clean string crossings. Very interesting :-)

      I’m glad I’ve been working on the fourth finger exercises, they are great indeed and I will keep doing them, just not as intense as I did before.

      Occasionally I still use the bow right tool I have. I think my bowing is pretty straight indeed, but far from perfect. Reading your comment here has motivated me take up my bow right tool again today and practice string crossings with it. Especially playing on the G string is still hard to do with a straight bow. Hope I can further improve it. And you’re right there is always so much to work on. And it’s hard to do several things at once. I’m also working very hard now to loosen my right wrist to play fast notes. And that seems to be something that for now is hard to do with a straight bow LOL. Anyway, as long as we keep having fun, I think it’s OK.

      Good luck to you with your vibrato!

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