Violin Duet by W. A. Mozart

An Easy Violin Duet by W. A. Mozart

2 weeks ago I downloaded this bundle with violin duets from I listened to each violin duet and I chose number 2 to start with. It’s a nice little duet and by the rhythm and style it’s immediately obvious that it’s from Mozart. The duet is in D Major and the notes and rhythm are pretty easy. I’ve played the duet at metronome speed 105 bpm although I think the actual speed would be a little higher. But I liked this speed and I think it sounds good.

It was the first time that I played a violin duet and it was pretty exciting because I didn’t know what the two voices would sound together until I mixed my two recordings!! I’m really happy with how it turned out. I did have a bouncy bow in this duet at some places but it was real fun to play and even more fun to hear the end result. :-)

My recording of the violin duet

I did try to pay attention to the bowings, and whenever it was possible I tried to do the up bows and down bows for both voices in the same direction. Of course, with the different rhythm it’s not possible all the time. And honestly I don’t have much experience with it. Since I play alone all the time and without a teacher I haven’t paid much attention yet to bowings… So, I hope it’s OK in this video :-)

I just hope some day I’ll be able to play a violin duet live with an other violinist. I would really enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “Playing a violin duet by W.A. Mozart

  1. Ah this is so nice~~~~ You did a great job! It is so much fun to listen to a duet put together. I bet it was very exciting. It always gives you that ‘I wonder what this will sound like!!’ feeling.
    I liked this a lot~ Keep it up!

    1. Thanks so much!! Yes, it was really exciting to put the two voices together!! I did make a mistake with the second voice in the end, but I didn’t feel like recording and mixing it all together again. :-) Anyway, it was really nice to do. And I’ll sure be doing more duets in the future. Maybe in a couple of weeks, because now I’m working on some other things. Mainly exercises to improve my bow hold so I can get rid of the bouncy bow. ;-)

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