Violin Etudes Wohlfahrt Etude 7

Wohlfahrt Etude 7

This month it’s all about practicing scales with flats! I’m progressing with the Bb Major scale with 2 flats and this etude by Wohlfahrt in Bb Major is great to practice. Actually, it wasn’t that hard as I thought. The first time I saw the sheet music for this etude, I thought: “This looks really complicated!!” But it’s OK. There are some accidentals to pay attention to. Sometimes Eb changes to E, it also has F sharp and G sharp at times. I think that makes the etude really beautiful.

Anyway, I hope you like my recording…

Bb Major Scale

Bb Major ScaleEtude 7 from Franz Wohlfahrt is in the key of Bb Major. This is the sheet music I’ve used to practice the scale in two octaves. It also shows the broken 3rd’s and arpeggios. It’s one of the scales in two octaves that can be played completely in first position. But, it has two flats and at first it really messes with your intonation. It’s as if all the notes in the scale suddenly go a bit flat… Lot’s of practicing is necessary.

The rhythm

The rhythm is extremely easy, just like the previous etude I’ve recorded. The entire etude consists of 8th notes. This is really an etude to practice intonation and string crossings. I’ve tried to practice with different rhythms as well: slurring each two consecutive 8th notes, then slurring four consecutive 8th notes. I also practiced with staccato. Slurring four notes is still hard for me to do, but I notice that if I practice like that, then afterwards my tone is better. So, I think it helps me improve my tone.

Use all strings

I think I of the things that makes me like this etude by Wohlfahrt is because it uses all four strings. I really like the lower tones on the violin. They sound and feel great!

4 thoughts on “Wohlfahrt Op 45 #7: Beginner violin etude

  1. You are getting better and better at a very fast pace. When I first seen your Rieding 1st movement I were really stunned, but now this etude is played with very good intonation (since its not easy scale). As for 8 months you have very good technique. I really appreciate your way of practice. I am a person that have problems with completing my aims and you did it very well. I wish I have as much patience as you.

    1. Thanks so much Emma!! :-) The scale isn’t easy indeed. At first when I tried to play with two flats it was a total disaster. But I’m going through each scale one by one now and for each scale I search some etudes that are in that key to practice after doing the scales. Hope to start with 3 flats in a couple of days. :-)

      Good luck with your aims! It’s all about patience indeed…

  2. I remember the moment when I were playing in this scale for the first time. My teacher told me at the end of the lesson that she wants me to play a song in a duo with a girl playing half a year longer just at the end on my lesson and beginning of her. I were really scared, becouse I have never played that piece before and have about 10 minutes to prepare it. It was quite scarry, but I managed to do it. It was the first time when I played in the Duo with her. Right now we don’t have lessons one after another, but she started her freshman year in my regular school, so we meet each other on the corridor. She said to me she wish we could still play duos together.
    As it comes to my aims, I am doing Ok. Right now I am starting winter break (only thing I have to do is to finish Maths asignment till Monday). Can’t wait for practicing 3-4 hours every day :D

    1. Ha, that must be scary indeed. Playing a duo with someone for the first time and then only having 10 minutes to practice… I’m sure it’s nice to play duos. :-) Good luck with your school assignments!

      And enjoy your practice time!! Would loooooove to practice 3-4 hours a day too, but don’t have the time. I manage to practice 1 to 1,5 hours per day and enjoy it so much!

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