Old Joe Clark


Old Joe Clark is an American fiddle tune, a mountain ballad. Joe Clark was a mountaineer who lived in Clay County, Kentucky in the 19th century. The lyrics tell us more about him. Part of the lyrics go as follows:

Old Joe Clarke the preacher’s son
Preached all over the plain
The only text he ever used
Was high low jack and the game

I went down to old Joe’s house
Never been there before
He slept on the feather bed
And I slept on the floor

But in fact, this tune has been sung with different verses. It’s well known in America and was sung by soldiers during World War I. More info about this fiddle tune can be found here.

My recording of Old Joe Clark

The version that I’ve recorded is an arrangement by Loralyn Staples and AndrĂ© van Harem. I like this arrangement because it comes with piano accompaniment and of course that’s always more fun than playing solo.

Video Editor

By the way, this is the first time I’ve used Wondershare Video Editor to edit my recording. Hope you like the intro and end slide I’ve added. It was also great to be able to mix the video and piano accompaniment together with this program. So, I keep learning, and then I’m not just talking about playing the violin! :-)

6 thoughts on “Old Joe Clark

  1. Wow you did really well. I love the double stops the most. And you did a great job with the speed!
    Is there a way to add dates to these pages as well? Because on the Etudes part there also are not dates so I never know how new they are.

    Is Wondershare Video Editor a free software? You did a great job with it~ I really like how you edited the recording. Do you know if it’s easy to add multiple videos next to each other by keeping the sounds of all? that’s really complicated in Adobe Premiere which I’m using because it keeps erasing one video sound if you are not super careful. Also exporting is complicated and I keep ending up with some black parts around the video there must be something I’m doing wrong but I’m not sure what it is. Must be something about size set ups but I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it yet.

    1. Thanks!! I’m glad you liked my recording of Old Joe Clark.

      It’s a good idea to add the dates. In a couple of days, I’m going to restructure this section a bit and will add the dates too.

      Oh yes, Wondershare is great! I had searched for free editors first and I had used Windows Live Movie Maker, but I wanted to do something more. Then I read about Wondershare and downloaded the free trial. I was so happy about it that I bought it. I didn’t try yet to merge many videos. But I did merge the sound of my recording with the mp3 accompaniment and it was pretty easy to do that. Oh and it has an option to cut your video so it is in the correct format for YouTube (16:9). I had black parts on the sides of my videos as well, but no more :-)

      1. I finally found out why I kept ending up with black lines at the side despite me already using the 16:9 format when creating a premiere project and resize the video to fit.
        The problem was with the export. I did set it to the same size as the original but I had quadratic pixels selected instead of… whatever the name was I just clicked till it looked correct. Did some test exports and now it works perfectly~

        I think I’ll keep using premiere for now but I’ll keep wondershare in mind. I bet it’s a bit simpler to use since the adobe suite with after effects and premiere is pretty complex. And I might be happier with something less complex sometimes but it depends on what I want to do. For example for drawing I use this nice little tool names paint tool sai which is only a few mb. XD It’s still amazing though. I really like to draw with it compared to drawing with photoshop. I do use photoshop though but more for editing stuff or doing things with a ton of layers (like for example the charts. I drew the original base in sai but added the text with photoshop and I’m exporting the image files from there as well).

        If you ever try to merge multiple videos tell me how that worked~ Adding extra sound files is pretty easy in premiere too but it just gets weird when I add another video with sound because it puts the video audio into the same audio layer even if the videos are on different layers. I really don’t understand. So I somehow need to seperate the audio and video so I can actually do that. I haven’t really found the ‘nicest’ way to do that yet but it would be so much easier if it just didn’t do that trouble. Sooo if that’s easy to do in wondershare I might consider looking at it. I could try out the trial if I get to it. Not sure when I will though.

        1. I’m glad you found out about that, so you export your videos nicely. :-) This month I’ll be practicing a duo (with myself LOL) and I will record it and try to merge the two videos. Will let you know how it works out. ;-)

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