Wohlfahrt Violin Etude 2

Franz Wohlfahrt Opus 45 nr 2

Franz Wohlfahrt is a German composer who lived in the 19th century. His Opus 45 consists of 60 etudes. They are easy enough to be played by beginners. And they don’t sound boring to me. I actually like every etude from Wohlfahrt I’ve played so far. Not that I’ve played so many yet, about 10 or so, but I did like them. And here’s my recording of etude number 2 after playing the violin for about eight months.

C Major Scale

Beginner violin etude in C MajorEtude 2 from Franz Wohlfahrt is in the key of C Major. Here you can download the C Major scale in one octave. To play in the of C Major, you use low first finger on the E string and low second finger on the D and A string. I used to have difficulties with the C natural, but it’s getting better. :-) I’ve also had to work hard on playing a correct F natural.

The rhythm

The rhythm is as easy as can be, no variation at all. The entire piece consists of 8th notes. This etude is really not about rhythm, but about intonation. I’ve been practicing the C Major scale for two weeks first and then this etude has almost automatically nice intonation. A real help was practicing the C Major scale in 2 octaves instead of one octave. I don’t do shifting yet, but the C on the E string can be played as an extension with the fourth finger.

Of course, the rhythm can be varied, as suggested before the first etude in this book. You can add slurs and staccato in many different variations. Or invent an other rhythm you like yourself.

Fourth Finger

This etude also focuses heavily on fourth finger. More than 50% of the time the D, A and E are marked to be played as fourth finger instead of open strings.

Feel welcome to comment about this etude or any other beginner violin etudes.

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