Robert Pracht Violin Etude 14

Robert Pracht Opus 15 nr 14

This is a great etude filled with triplets!! Here’s my recording of the etude after playing the violin for about seven months.

F Major Scale

F Major scaleEtude 14 from Robert Pracht is, just like the previous etude, in the key of F Major. Here you can download the F Major scale in one octave. To play in the of F Major, you use low first finger on the A and E string and low second finger on the A and E string. The most difficult part of playing this etude was for me to play C natural, especially on the G string it didn’t work out that well.


triplets violin etudeThe rhythm is not very difficult. The entire piece consists of triplets which I love! A triplet is a group of 3 notes that should be played in the time of 2. For example, in this piece the triplets are three 8th notes played in the time space of a quarter note. The 3 above the notes defines them as triplets. Other compositions of a triplet are possible too, with unequal values or even with a rest. How to play those will be explained in this interesting video about triplet theory.

More information about this rhythm be found on too.

Since the piece consists entirely of triplets, it goes pretty fast. I don’t know if I played it fast enough but this was the fastest I could do for now.

Feel welcome to comment about this etude or any other beginner violin etudes.

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