Robert Pracht Violin Etude 3

Robert Pracht Opus 15 nr 3

Let me share my recording of the third etude by Robert Pracht. The recording is after playing the violin for seven months.

C Major Scale

Beginner violin etude in C MajorJust as the first etude in this book, this etude is great if you’re a beginner violinist. It is in the key of C Major. Here you can download the C Major scale in one octave. Before practicing this etude it’s a good idea to learn the C Major scale

Of course, this etude is a little bit more difficult than the first one. Not only do you need to play a low second finger on the A string, but also a low first finger on the E string. So you have C natural on the A string and F natural on the E string. Now playing a low first finger is not so easy. You have to make sure not to move your hand because then the other notes that follow will all be flat. Here is a great tutorial on how to correctly use the first finger.

The rhythm

The rhythm is very straightforward. The same pattern is constantly repeated: a quarter note followed by two 8th notes. As the sheet music suggests you start at the frog and then play the two 8th notes in the tip. The next quarter note leads you back to the frog so you play the following two 8th notes at the frog. And then you repeat everything. This is a nice exercise to learn to use the entire bow.

Low second finger followed by fourth finger

A couple of times, the E should played with fourth finger after playing C natural on the A string. So you’ll have to go from a low second finger to a fourth finger. Pay attention to this because it’s always hard to play this nicely in tune since the distance between the low 2 and 4 is pretty big.

All comments and suggestions about this etude or other beginner violin etudes are welcome.

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