Robert Pracht Violin Etude 1

Robert Pracht Opus 15 nr 1

This is the first etude I tried to play. I first practiced it when after leaning the violin for only two months. Among all the beginner violin etudes I had found, this was one of the easiest. Even so, it didn’t sound great, but it was doable and it made me feel very proud to be able to play my first etude. ;-) The recording is after playing the violin for seven months.

C Major Scale

Beginner violin etude in C MajorThis etude is excellent for beginner violinists. It is written in C Major scale. If you have practiced the C Major scale before in one or two octaves, then this etude will be something for you.If you haven’t practiced the C Major scale yet, then you can download it here in one octave.

The main difficulty of this etude for a beginner violinist is to make sure to play a low second finger on the A string. The etude is in C Major thus the C is C natural, not C sharp like in the beginner songs. That’s why you first have to practice the C Major scale with the low second finger before practicing this etude.

The rhythm

The rhythm is very easy, there are only quarter notes, half notes and whole notes. Try to use the entire bow for the half notes and whole notes.

Use of fourth finger

The sheet music suggests to use fourth finger to play the E on the A string. When I first played the etude, I used the open E string instead because using my fourth finger was still hard to do. Now I’ve been playing the violin for seven months and I’ve been studying the etude again. This time with fourth finger as you could see in the recording.

Feel free to comment below if you have any other suggestions about this etude or other beginner violin etudes.

4 thoughts on “Beginner violin etudes: Pracht Op 15 #1

  1. Do specific exercises aiming to practice a certain technique also count as etudes? (I’m not sure about the definition of the word that’s why I’m asking, sorry if it’s a stupid question).

    I actually own the 60 studies by Wohlfahrt. ..and 2 other books by him. Absolutely love his Easiest Elementary Method book as well. It’s a book aimed at beginners (even though I think the fact that it directly teaches C major is a bit weird so I wouldn’t recommend it to an ABSOLUTE beginner). Asides from the fact that I wouldn’t really start with C major the structure of the book and the pace is really nice! Another thing is that ALL of the songs are duets and many are quite short and fun and sound really pretty. Even the beginners songs sound more interesting than what I saw in other beginner books (I have so many violin books already it’s ridiculous). The 2nd violin part is REALLY hard sometimes though. But pretty.
    The etudes in the 60 studies one were very difficult for me the last time I tried but that was some time ago, maybe I should try again.

    1. I did try some Wohlfahrt etudes as well. I think I did till number 10 and then gave up. Or better said, I’ll give it some rest and try again in a couple of months. For now, I’m happy with the etudes of Robert Pracht. They are not as beautiful as the Wohlfahrt etudes but they are easier.
      And yes, I think each exercise to practice a certain technique counts as an etude. By the way, “etude” is French for “exercise”. :-)
      Thanks for the tip about the “Easiest Elementary Method” by Wohlfahrt, I’ll have to check that out.

  2. Hi, I am a retired school teacher and I am new to the violin.
    (Less than one month) I am keeping a journal, and note down the things I need to work on. You mention etudes. Is there a good beginner book that you can recommend for me? I live in a rural area, and music stores are rare, so I would have to order it. You sound great! You inspire me. I hope I can sound as good as you some day.

    1. Hi Valorie, nice to meet you here! It’s great that you’re learning the violin too! It’s quite some adventure! Yay, glad I inspired you… :-) On this page I have a list with links of interesting beginner books. I really like the Suzuki books. You can progress with these books at a nice pace and each song is nice. You can order the CD as well so you can listen to it all day or play along.

      Now, for etudes, I do like Robert Pracht. I also like Wohlfahrt and Hans Sitt.

      But since you have been playing for less than a month, I think the etudes will be too hard for you now. The Suzuki books are great to start with. And of course scales are very important and you need to do them before starting with etudes. I found this great book that is a perfect accompaniment for the Suzuki books. It’s a book to learn to play the 4 easiest scales, the ones you will need for Suzuki book 1. I’ve been practicing scales with this book and I can tell you that it really helped me to play those scales accurately. And for each new scale that I learn now, I still use the same structure that I’ve learned with this book. And the nice thing is that after buying it, you can download it immediately, print it out and start practicing. So, I would definitely recommend that.

      So, what songs or techniques are you working on now Valorie? Do you have a violin teacher or will you be learning through videos?

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