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As a beginner violinist myself, I’ve been searching the internet for many hours to find nice violin books and songs. I find it very important to have sufficient easy songs to keep myself motivated. For now, I can say that I’ve played many easy beginner songs. But what has helped me most is follow the structure of method books instead of trying to play whatever nice, fun song I know. Following a method book gives a better foundation and teaches techniques that you won’t learn if you just practice any song.

Suzuki Book 1

I can say that I really LOVE the Suzuki violin books. Actually they are meant to teach groups who don’t know how to read music but play the music by ear after listening to the recording. But I did know how to read music, so I am not using the books exactly as the writer meant to but even so I really like the songs. Each song really teaches something new, but moving on from one piece to the next is never very hard. Each piece is a bit harder than the previous one but very doable. It starts with well known easy songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Lightly Row, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, etc. But by the end of the book you already learn to play some classical pieces by Bach and Schumann and I found it real fun!

Also these violin books come with a CD so you can listen to the songs all day to get to know the pieces better and play along. That makes it easier to play them with good intonation.

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Suzuki Violin School Violin Part & CD, Volume 1 (Revised Edition)
(Violin Part). By William Preucil. By Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. For violin. This edition: Revised. Method/Instruction; SmartMusic; String – Violin (Suzuki); Suzuki. Suzuki Method. Instructional, Method and Play Along. Beginner. Instructional book and examples/accompaniment CD. Standard notation, fingerings, instructional text, illustrations and photos. 48 pages. Published by Alfred Music (AP.28261).

Suzuki Book 2

I am now studying the pieces in Suzuki Book 2. This book contains 12 pieces and teaches you to slur notes, to play low finger 1, parts of a chromatic scale, 32th notes, ear training to play octaves, fourth finger extension for the C on the E string, playing flats. Some of the pieces I really enjoyed are Waltz by Brahms, Gavott by Lully and Minuet by Boccherini. I will soon post a video of my favorite piece from Suzuki Book 2.

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Suzuki Violin School, Volume 2 – Violin Part
(Violin Part). Composed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. For Violin. This edition: Revised Edition. Method/Instruction; SmartMusic; String – Violin (Suzuki); Suzuki. Suzuki Violin School. Play Along. Instructional Book & Examples/Accompaniment CD. 36 pages. Published by Alfred Music (AP.28263).

Other Beginner Violin Books

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Beginner Violin Theory for Children, Book One
Composed by Melanie Smith. For violin. Saddle-stitched, Theory. Children. Beginning. Book. 84 pages. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc (MB.20296).
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Complete Technique for Violin, Book 1
(400 Exercises include 45 Musical Studies in Positions 1 through 5). Composed by Janice Tucker Rhoda. For violin. Soft cover. 64 pages. Published by Carl Fischer (CF.BF94).
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Ultimate Beginner Violin Basics
Composed by Dana Freeman. For Violin. Book; DVD; Method/Instruction; String – Violin Method or Collection. The Ultimate Beginner Series. Beginner. 40 pages. Published by Alfred Music (AP.39308).
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Picture Yourself Playing Violin
(Step-by-Step Instruction for Proper Fingering and Bowing Techniques, Reading Sheet Music, and More). Composed by Bridgette Seidel. For Violin. Book; DVD; Method/Instruction; Reference Textbooks; Technique Musicianship; Textbook – Instrumental. Picture Yourself. Beginner; Intermediate. Published by Alfred Music (AP.54-1598634488).
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Progressive Young Beginner Violin Method (Book/CD)
Composed by Peter Gelling, James Stewart. For violin. Australian import. 28 pages. Published by Koala Publications (KO.CP-69144).
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American Fiddle Method Volume 1
(Beginning Fiddle Tunes and Techniques). Composed by Brian Wicklund. For fiddle. Saddle-stitched, Methods. American Fiddle Method. Bluegrass & Country. Beginning. Book/CD/DVD Set. 64 pages. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc (MB.99471SET).

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