How to prevent whistling E string

Today I’ve learned about the whistling E string from this video by Heather Heather.

Interesting that it’s not always because of us doing something wrong, some strings just whistle more than others. But of course most of the time it’s because of our playing. I learned from the video that I have to put weight into the string when crossing the string. And make sure to not accidentally slightly touch the E string with a finger or part of the hand. Let’s try that out today in my practice session!

Who has other suggestions about the E string?

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One thought on “How to prevent whistling E string

  1. A quick update about E strings. Recently I tried Amber Warchal E string because it’s said to be an E string that doesn’t whistle. See here an article about this string Seems many people are happy with it. I wasn’t really happy with it. It didn’t whistle but I didn’t like the sound so much and I wasn’t able to let the high notes sound good. So I changed back to Pirastro E Gold string and for now I love that one the most.

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