Bow Right works wonders

The bow right – an extremely valuable violin accessory

Today, it’s been two months since I first started using this violin accessory. This is a small tool that you put on your violin and it helps to bow straight. It actually forces you to bow straight. The first time I tried it, it was quite enlightening. I had tried to bow straight before, looking at my bow, looking in the mirror etc. But I felt very hard to achieve straight bowing. When I played slow and watched my bow all the time, he went straight, but as soon as I started playing a faster piece, it went all crooked… :-(

Now, this bow right tool, immediately showed me or better said made me feel at what point I go wrong and it corrects my arm. It’s very interesting to feel this, it makes me very conscious of where and on which string I tend to go crooked. After a couple of days I already felt a great improvement. I wasn’t bumping against the bow right so much anymore. Also, I noticed that my tone was much better when I played with the bow right than without it. This reminded me of sound improvement tips I had heard in several YouTube videos to improve your sound:

  • have a relaxed bow hand
  • bow in the sweet spot (halfway between the bridge and the fingerboard)
  • bow straight

One way to improve the sound is bowing straight, so that’s why using the bow right, my tone is better. Knowing that, I started to use the bow right only half of my practice time, since I have to learn to bow straight without this tool too. After taking of the bow right, my tone is terrible for a couple of minutes, as if my bow really enjoys the sudden liberty and wants to go everywhere it shouldn’t go, but then it stabilizes and goes pretty straight.

Now, two months later, I use the bow right about 15 minutes at the beginning of my practice session and then I take it off. I’m impressed with how straight my bow goes even in faster passages. I’m sure this was an excellent investment (it was actually very cheap) because without this tool, I would still be struggling with crooked bows and my tone wouldn’t be half as good as it is now.

Here is a video of me demonstrating the use of the bow right.

If you’re looking to also improve your bowing with this tool, here is where you can buy it with a 5% discount. Hope you enjoy!!

bow-right-at-superior-violinsIf you’re using a bow right too, I would love to hear your experiences with it. ;-)

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