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So, today I wanted to find out more about my violin. The label inside says “Stradivarius Copy – Max Bruch”. I really wanted to know what this means, where my violin comes from, who made it etc. After an extensive Google search, I learned almost nothing about my violin… :-(

All I’ve found are a few listings of people who sell their “Stradivarius Copy – Max Bruch” violin, all in South Africa. So, probably my violin is made in South Africa?

Also, I’ve learned about Max Bruch, a German romantic composer. I don’t know if he has anything to do with my violin, but I’ll share what I learned about him anyway. Max Bruch was born in 1838 in Cologne. When he was nine years old, he wrote his first composition. He has worked as a teacher, conductor and composer. For three years, he also was the conductor of the Liverpool Philharmonic Society.

One of his best known compositions is his Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor. Here is a beautiful version of this concerto performed by Janine Jansen with the Radio Kamer Filharmonie.

In the end, I still don’t know much about the origin of my violin, but at least I got to know this concerto. If anybody knows more about my violin, I would be very glad to hear more about it. ;-)

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  1. I came across this post today as I am searching for the very same thing. I have a Sandner and A Stentor violin, and recently got a Max Bruch stradivarius copy like you describe. It has a beautiful and sweet tone and is a pleasure to play. Also in South Africa. If you find out more about the make, let me know!

    1. Hi Christiane, that’s so cool! Thanks for letting me know.
      I’m sorry I still don’t know more about the violin. And … I don’t have it anymore. I bought a different violin and sold this one.
      So I understand you have 3 violins now! Do you prefer one of do you like all of them?

  2. max bruch stradivarius copy cello here. model number1442-1 solid wood ribs and front and back…. also looking for origins

    1. Hi Bart, I hope you’ll find out something about the origins of your cello. Please let us know if you can find out something more. ;-) Have a nice day!

  3. Hi!
    I too have a max bruch stradivarius copy and i got it from my local luthier. It is brand new and has a lovely mellow voice. I live in South Africa and as far as my luthier told me, he got the violin from an overseas shipment that comes in once a year. I will also note that there is only one violin maker in south Africa and he does not produce these strad copy max bruch Violins. As far as i know, these violins are quite prized as there was a scramble to get my one when it was on sale. I will query more and see if i can get you guys any more information in the near future….


    1. Hi Lea, thanks so much for the info! That is very interesting! So, these type of violins are definitely used in South Africa but are not produced there. If you find out more, I would be great to let us know. Also I hope you will have fun with your new violin!! :-)
      I have now an other violin and sold my Stradivarius Copy – Max Bruch. But I still have fond memories of my first violin. :heart:

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