Violin progress after 6 months

It’s been exactly six months since I first started to play the violin. I’ve learned so much these past six months and then I mean not only about playing the violin, but also about famous violinists, composers, the wood of the violin, violin maintenance and much more. It’s really an interesting journey! And there is so much to learn about the violin, I don’t think it will ever get boring. I’ve read somewhere that the violin is the king of the instruments, and I completely agree with that! :-)

I’ve been practicing hard this month to be able to share a nice video with you for my violin progress after six months. Last month I played the first movement of the Concerto in B minor by Oskar Rieding. This month I practiced the second movement. I’ve really tried hard but it was to hard for me now. String crossings, slurring difficult sequences of notes and flat notes…. way to many struggles so I gave up, for now. I’ll try it again in a couple of months. The third movement is real fun! It’s pretty fast but the notes are easy and I really like the rhythm. In the video I play the third movement.

If you’re looking for the sheet music to play this concerto yourself, here is the link:

look inside
Concerto B minor, Op. 35
For violin and piano. Copyright 2013 Schott Music GmbH & Co. KG, Mainz. 18 pages. Published by Schott Music – Digital Sheet Music (S9.ED-21561_00013830).

Violin progress help

To learn to play this piece well, I’ve been practicing my intonation following the principles Heather Broadbent explains so well. Also, my metronome became my best friend, well one of my best friends ;-) I didn’t even have to buy one, I just downloaded the app Metronome Beats on my cellphone and it works great. At first it was really hard to play with the metronome. At first I had to play the piece very slowly because I couldn’t play the sixteenth notes fast, but that resolted in very slow quarter notes. Not funny, because it was really hard to sustain the notes and keep a nice tone. Luckily every day I could set me metronome a little bit faster and in the end I managed to play it the speed I was aiming for.

My tuner app came also in handy. I’m using gStrings on my cellphone to easily tune my violin. While playing I put my cellphone next to my sheet so that I can constantly check and see if I’m still playing in tune.

I can say that combination of the intonation exercises, metronome and tuner are really helping me in my violin progress. Anybody wants to share what helps them to progress with the violin? Be sure to comment below. :-)

2 thoughts on “Violin progress after 6 months

  1. The concerto sounds really good already! Is that the 3rd movement or which one is it? I got a bit confused because you talked about all 3 movements.
    Maybe I should look into it I really like the melody.

    Hmm when thinking about what helps me with my progress the most important thing is absolute dedication and fun. And actively listening to what you do. I try to pay close attention to my intonation and correct it immediately when I hear a fault. Or replay a little part so the note I played false is played in context again. That way it’s easier to hear if it’s correct. Since I read a lot about intonation systems I learned that relation of the notes is very important for a good intonation so you can’t perfectly hear if the note is on its own. I tend to use more active listening than the tuner to hear the notes.
    Another thing that really helps is the metronome. Especially on harder rhythms. I’m not very good with dotted rhythms and those that are sustained up into the next measure (not sure if sustained is the right word, I’m not a native english speaker).
    And ANOTHER thing that is super helpful for me is understanding musical theory. I love theory things and I’m working hard on getting to know all scales from 1b -6b and 1# – 7#. I am also working on charts concerning all scales from 1st – 5th position for a little (ok maybe not so little) side project which is some kind of violin practice HTML5 game thing. It contains a virtual violin where you can play with keyboard and mouse and asides from the fact that I still have to draw soo many animations for the bow and hand it’s actually playable already. There is still tons of stuff to do so right now I’m making charts. tons of charts. Can’t wait to have them all done and be able to use them as well..XD

    1. Thanks very much! In the video I played the third movement of the Concerto. It’s really fun to play.
      And I agree that the most important thing for good intonation is listening very well. I try to do that, but I noticed that the tuner helps, especially in the beginning. Now I can here it much better than before but still need a tuner to make sure ;-)
      And when your game is ready, be sure to post something about it in the forum. Seems really interesting to me!!! Good luck with that, must be a lot of work!

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