My first violin concerto!!

Concerto in B minor by Oskar Rieding

YAY!!! Today I’ve recorded my first violin concerto!! I’m so excited. It was really nice practicing this piece. It’s the first movement (allegro moderato) of the Concerto in B minor by Oskar Rieding. It was so much fun because I was able to get the piano accompaniment and of course that way it sounds so much better than when I just record the violin.

Oskar Rieding was a German violinist and composer who lived from 1840 till 1918. One of his most popular works is his Concerto in B minor for Violin and Piano Op. 35 from which I’ve played the first movement. The concerto has three movements and I plan to learn them all three. For those who would like to play this concerto too, here I share the link to download. Enjoy! :-)

look inside
Concerto B minor, Op. 35
For violin and piano. Copyright 2013 Schott Music GmbH & Co. KG, Mainz. 18 pages. Published by Schott Music – Digital Sheet Music (S9.ED-21561_00013830).

Here you can see a young girl, Ana Maria de Souza e Santos, play the entire violin concerto. She does really well!

Me playing the concerto doesn’t even compare to her. I hope that some day I will be able to do it at that tempo too and with vibrato. For now, I’ll just have to continue to practice hard.

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