Heather Broadbent - Violin Scales

This is so cool!! Today I had a mail from YouTube in my mailbox with new videos from my subscriptions. Actually not one interested me but below those videos in the part where it says “Recommended” it showed a video from Heather Broadbent titled “Violin Lessons – Beginner Violin Scales”. I had never watched a video of this violin teacher, but I thought I’d give it a try. And I really LOVED it!!!

Beginner Violin ScalesThis video is a great help for me. I’ve been playing the clarinet before for 12 years but I can’t remember that I ever have had to play a scale on the clarinet… which seems very weird to me now. I think one of the reasons is that with the clarinet as with so many other instruments you don’t actually have to think about playing in tune. You just play the note and that’s it. Now with the violin this is really different. I’ve noticed that I really don’t play in tune. ;-( It’s so hard to play in tune, so practicing violin scales is very important. that’s why I liked the video so much because I didn’t have any idea of how to practice scales. She shows that there are many ways to practice scales, not just note per note. But you can play different rhythms, or play the notes in groups of 2 or 3, skipping notes, etc. This way it’s just more fun. She also gives great advice on finger placement. And most important of all, when playing scales you have to be very focused and listen to each note and make sure each note is in tune. That way it will help your intonation. I’m very enthusiastic about practicing violin scales right now!

Of course I checked out the other videos on Heather Broadbent’s channel, among them very useful videos about violin hold, bow hold and intonation, all great stuff for beginners! And I guess I just found my favorite violin teacher!! :-)


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