Today I’ve realised that I’ve written the post with the recordings, but I haven’t send it on a website :wacko:
I had two preformances on December 14th and 17th. I were playing 1st movement of Haydn’s Concerto in G major and Tarantella by Komarowski solo and Arrival of the Queen of Sheeba in duo (I will upload it later – I need to cut the beginning, when I run back to take my sheet music form my seat ;-) ). Hope you will enjoy :-)

3 thoughts on “Haydn and Komarowski

  1. Wooow Emma, you’re doing so well! Amazing how you manage to play for 9 minutes without the sheet music… I especially liked the Tarantella by Komarowski. Seems to me you played that one with more confidence than the first piece. IT sounds really great! From what I can see, I think you’re bowing looks very good. Your arm/wrist looks very relaxed and your bow goes straight. Very nice!!

    In the first piece there are lots of notes in 5th position (or higher??) and you make them sound very nice. I just started with 5th position and I know it’s not so easy to have the sound beautifully!
    Occasionally there seemed to be some small mistakes in the first piece as to intonation. But I think you did very well. I wouldn’t even dare thinking of playing this piece… You’re a wonderful example for me! :-)

    Will you continue working on these pieces or are you leaving them now and playing something else?

  2. Thanks for such nice comments. :heart: I somehow get used to playing without sheet music – I quite often practice without it. Sightreading is my weak point (especially as it comes to rhythm), but I memorize pieces quickly.
    Thanks for the bow comment. My main problem now is that I use often upper part of the bow and I almost never use 10 cm near the frog. Currently working on it.
    The first piece is mainly in 1st and 3rd position with some shifts to 2nd and 4th, however the second piece requires shifting to 5th and 6th position. It was really hard for me to play in tune in such high positions at first, but I tried to play easy pieces (such as Twinkles and Ode to Joy) in 5th position. At the very beginning it was terrible, but then I get used to it. The last thing I like to do is to improvise a little also using high positions (it’s sometimes hard to listen to other people). Haydn G major Concerto isn’t that hard as it seems. The biggest problem with it is the fact it’s very exposed like other concertos from this period.
    Now I’m leaving this pieces. I’m little tired with them. ;-) Leaving them for Bach Concerto in a minor. I’ve heard that my teacher will give me a solo piece to work on, but I don’t know what and when.

  3. I can totally understand that you’re a bit tired of these pieces ;-) You must be excited to find out what the solo piece for you will be!

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