Hi. It’s been a long time since I’d posted something here. I promissed two months ago that I will post Haydn Violin Concerto in G major and even had recording (cut in the middle of last section). But finally two days ago I’ve found some time to record it ;) It’s without piano accompaniament, however I have already played it with it during my lesson :heart: It’s not perfect, but I have one more month to go. If I will have the performance recording I will post it here :) I think that I will also record practice video of tarantella – I’m polishing some parts of it :-) I need to say that I wasn’t a big fan of this piece at the very begining, but now I really like it :heart:

6 thoughts on “Haydn Violin Concerto

  1. Hi Emma, it’s great to see your video! Thanks for posting! :-) I can hear you have worked a lot on this piece already!! It sounds pretty challenging! I most like the part at about 1:40 I think it sounds very peaceful. Then the part at 2:20 sounds great too with the double stops! You’re doing a great job with it already, and especially intonation is your strong point.
    Maybe try and be more relaxed while practicing it for one more month. You look a bit tense, I’m sure it’s because it’s really a difficult piece or because you were recording ;-) But playing more relaxed will certainly help :-)
    Good luck!! And I’m very much looking forward to the performance video of this piece!!

  2. Wow this sounds really difficult. You did an amazing job with it! I really like the part at 2:45 and 4:30. In general I think your shifting and intonation is pretty good! I’m very impressed. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks for all of your comments :) I were working really hard on relaxing while playing this month and I think I made big progress with it. My friend told me about Alexander relaxation method – I will have to research it little more, but many people is saying it makes mirracles.
    I really like the whole piece, but my favourite part is about 2:57 up to end of 2nd section.
    Moreover I played it today on laureates concert. I will put a recording of it and Tarantella in few minutes in other topic. In few days I will also put duo, but I will have to edit a video a little – there’s about 2 minutes break before we have started playing.

  4. Hi Emma, it’s so wonderful that you have made great progress to play more relaxed. I’m sure it helps!! Recently I notice I should relax more too. Since I’ve started doing more shifting exercises my arms and neck hurt… Still figuring out what I can do about it. What did you find out about Alexander relaxation method?

  5. My friend Violist told me about it. Mainly it’s about controlling the way you’re breathing, but I haven’t found many materials in the internet. I’ve found several payed lessons in Krakow, but it’s 150 km from my home and usually you take up to 10 sessions. Instead of it I worked on my bow hold. I found this film on the internet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_hGdGVruH8 and it make me more aware about the importance of each finger in Franco-Belgian bow grip. I think mine were more similar to Russian – my index finger was touching the bow near the base and my little finger were not always on the bow stick. After it I find out that my little finger is no longer floating in the air and my wrist is more flexible. I think it’s a good change.
    I also find one of Eddie Chen films about left hand mistakes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jbge9yDTc9Y and realised that I have a problem with the 4th mistake. :-) I’m thinking about it, but I concentrated more on the bow hold problem this week. ;-)

  6. I understand it’s pretty far to follow the lessons if it is 150km from home…
    Ah I watched the video about the bow hold. Very nice video and very clear instruction. I think I should make slight adjustment in my bow hold too! It’s good to check on this now and then. :-)
    I remember seeing the video by Eddy Chen some time ago. I should see it again, because it was really interesting. But don’t have the time for it today. Good luck correcting your mistake. I’m sure it will get better soon!

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