I wanted to share something with you for quite a long time. I’ve recorded audio to 3 small duos today as a practice to my future bigger duo project (coming soon). My tablet (which I use as camera was charging, so I wasn’t able to make film, so I only recorded audio using Audacity on my computer. Here you have the final effect.
That’s the first piece I have recorded. It originally comes from Hochmann method, but I found it Polish Górski and Powroźniak method, that I used in my first year. I wanted to do something easy at first, before coming to harder stuff.
The final effect satisfies me, although I hear several mistakes that I made (for example 2nd voice in repeat of 1st section didn’t match perfectly). I am happy with my tone – it has improved a lot since I last time recorded on my computer.
That was the second piece I recorded and actually the second duo I’ve ever played (about 1.5 years ago). I think I like the most final effect that I have acchieved. I have more concentrated on dynamics in this one and I like how it sounds.
And final short piece. This piece brings my memories most, as it was the first piece that I played in duo ever played – it was about March 2015. At a lesson I were sightreading first violin part and at the very end of a lesson her second student come (that had lessons after me), we played it together and my violin teacher were improvising on a piano (such nice memories :heart: ).

I think I will record soon Kuchler in Vivaldi style 2nd and 3rd movement and I will share with you Haydn Violin Concerto 1st movement (that isn’t polished yet, but I will play it on school competition this December). I have also two happy things that I want to share with you. First – at 23rd of September I’ve had my 2 years anniversary with my lovely violin :heart: . I am so happy :yahoo: with what I have already achieved. Second – me and my current duo partner – Mikolaj were picked among all students of my teacher to play at 27th of November on a 65 years anniversary of my school’s association :yahoo: . I’m super excited about that ;-). We will be playing Vivaldi Concerto that we’ve played in June together.

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  1. Hi Emma, I’m so excited for you!! Happy 2 years playing the violin!!! :yahoo: And how nice that you were chosen to play on November 27th! What an honor. I’m sure you will both do great!!

    I think your duos sound great! Much better than mine. I know it’s not easy to record a duo, but you did a great job! I like it! I like the 2nd and 3rd duos the most. Especially the 2nd sounds like real fun. Oh that’s nice to hear, that you have such good memories of the 3rd duo. :-)

    I wonder how you recorded the duos. Did you play along with metronome (I think I heard metronome at the beginning of the 2nd duo) or did you play along with your own recording? Or how did you do it? I’m curious because I really like the result.

  2. I’m also super excited about it. Can’t wait when I will start to practice a duo with a piano :) It’s most exciting for me to play with people :D
    Thanks for nice comments :) I’ve struggled most with recording 2nd, so I forget to cut the metronome :) I recorded all three in Audacity (free recording programme for PC). I pre recorded metronome track on seperate voice, then 1st and 2nd voice with metronome. To have final effect I removed metronome file. I were using headphone in one of my ears, but anyway little fragment of metronome has recorded ;)
    I have recorded Haydn yesterday, but I didn’t have enough space on the tablet and last 20 seconds (out of 6 minutes piece without accompaniament) was cut, so I will record it once again today. :-)

  3. Ah I understand how you did the recording! I used to do it like that too when I did a duo. Only I didn’t use Audacity. What I will change next time I do a duo is that I think I will first record 2nd voice with metronome. But 1st voice I will try to record with 2nd voice in my ear. I think it would help me to play it more musically and makes intonation easier. But I haven’t tried that yet. And I’m not doing duos anyway now. I’m preparing to play Vivaldi Concerto from Suzuki book 4. I didn’t start yet, but I’m working hard on 3rd position and also want to finish Suzuki Book 3 as soon as possible so that I can get started with the Vivaldi Concerto!! That’s my goal, it’s so beautiful!!

    What a pity that you didn’t have enough space on your tablet! Hope it works out the 2nd time you record. ;-)

  4. I recorded at first 1st voice then 2nd. I’m really used to play 2nd violin so, it’s easier for me to play that way.
    Vivaldi in a minor is really tough as a first concerto in 3rd position. The shifts are not very demanding, but the last page full of 16th notes is very intense. I’ve played that piece through several times, but never really finished it. I don’t think I will have opportunity to work on it with my teacher since I already played 2 Vivaldi concertos last year and my duo partner have already played it two years ago (she’s picking me different pieces to avoid comparing us).
    I have recorded it on the computer two days ago, but on a lesson my teacher pointed me out several mistakes (wrong rythm, etc) and suggested me to start sightreading a cadence. She picked Schwarcenka cadence for me, so it’s my priority now.

    Moreover this Saturday I will have my first duo meeting to polish Vivaldi in a minor double concerto. I’m so excited. Moreover tomorrow my 1st semester at med-school is starting. I will have very intensive year :-)

  5. Hi Emma, I’m sure you will have a very intense year and many new experiences in med-school! I wish you good luck and hope everything will go well!!

    I listened to the cadence. It sounds very demanding! I wonder what a cadence is, I’ve heard of it before. Is it something like you sort of make up the notes and/or rhythm? Like a free interpretation within the piece? Or are all the notes written?

    I hope you will enjoy your duo meeting! ;-)

  6. Just the other day I was thinking about the fact that I’d like to hear something about your progress and there it is! You play really beautifully I loved all 3 of the duets. They are nice and short so they seem like a good practice. Your intonation is very good, I think that’s one of the difficulties of duets. If intonation is off a bit the 2 voices clash extremely (which happened in one of my duets, I still don’t know which part was the out of tune one though… ). Some time when I do another duet I’ll try record one voice without metronome and record with that other voice in my ear. But since that lengthens the whole process quite a bit I don’t know if it’ll be the next duet or some time later…XD Don’t have any recording plans right now (except maybe wohlfahrt etude 13 when I deem it worthy enough to record).
    You are making such amazing progress it’s great!

    I also don’t know what a cadence is so it would be great if you could explain to us XD

    Also good luck with med-school! I bet it’ll be challenging but I’m also positive you can do it if you work hard enough.

    I also can’t wait to hear your recording of Haydn.

  7. Hi Mariko and Chibiedo.
    Thanks for nice comments. This week was really intensive and I barely found any time to practice, so I wasn’t able to record Haydn once again.
    Cadence traditionally (it has changed) is improvised part at the very end of concerto movement that came form baroque improvised concertos (baroque violin concertos wasn’t written entirely in a form we know today – there were no print, so the sheet music prices were really high. Good violinists then were expected to memorize more or less a piece and improvise at parts they don’t remember). It have started in such form in classical period and with time composers started to include in a piece cadenzas of their own composition for example in Mendelssohn violin concerto (romantic period) or famous cadenza connecting 3rd and 4th movement of the Shostakovitch violin concerto (XX century). Violinists also became not as good at improvisation as it was before, so some composers have written cadenzas to concertos like Mozart and Haydn. Cadenzas nowadays are no longer improvised, but some violinists have their own cadenzas (like Hilary Hahn’s Mocart 3 or cadenzas of the contestants of the Shanghai Violin competition of the same violin concerto).
    As it comes to these duets I have pre-recorded metronome and then removed this voice line ;-) The rhythm was the biggest problem for me, when recording these pieces. As it comes to Wolfahrt I think I will record first 5 or 6 of them and say goodbye to them. And Haydn without cadenza (yet ;-) ). I’m not ready to play it, since it’s very challenging. Maybe a part of tarantella, when I will have time. I will always have Histology test on Monday and I will have to study for it.

  8. Aha that’s interesting about the cadenzas. I thought that it was improvised. But I didn’t know composers usually write it out so we don’t have to improvise. :-) Thanks for explaining and enjoy your cadenza ;-)

  9. Hello again, I’ve missed you all. Such listening to all your work. Such talented and dedicated friends. Thank you all. I’m feeling a bit better. Still playing violin and my husband bought a cello for me. I love it but it isn’t easy Togo from violin to cello. Somehow it feels backwards. I had to get a lap top computer thinking it would be better for recording. But it isn’t doing what I want. I bought a program called smartmusic. I love it. It’s 40$ for a year and there are songs to play along with and it’s easy to slow it down or speed it up. I’m having fun with it. A friend put in some songs from Mark O’Connor that I’m learning. Fun to be back at it. Mickey

  10. Hi Mickey, it’s great to hear from you again!! Hope you have fun with your cello. Someday I hope to learn to play the cello too, it’s so beautiful! Good luck with the songs you’re learning now. :-)

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